The Life Science curriculum emphasizes a more complex
understanding of change, cycles, patterns, and relationships in the living world. Students
explore the cellular organization and classification of organisms; the dynamic
relationships among organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems; and change
as a result of the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation.
Inquiry skills at this level include organization and mathematical analysis of data,
manipulating variables in experimentation, and identifying sources of experimental error.

Mrs. Brown
Mr. Deacon

The Physical Science curriculum builds skills of systematic
investigation by focusing on variables, repeated trials, and validation of conclusions
through the use of evidence and data. Students acquire an in-depth understanding of the
nature and structure of matter and the characteristics of energy. Major areas of study
include the periodic table, physical and chemical changes, nuclear reactions, temperature
and heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, and work, force, and motion.

Mrs. Webster
Mrs. Jaffke

This course connects the study of the Earth’s composition, structure, processes
and history; its atmosphere, fresh water and oceans; and its environment in space.
Historical contributions in the development of scientific thought about the Earth and
space are emphasized. The course focuses on the interpretation of maps, charts, tables
and profiles; the use of technology to collect, analyze and report data; and the utilization
of science skills in systematic investigation. Problem solving and decision making are an
integral part of the course, especially as they relate to the costs and benefits of utilizing
the Earth’s resources. Major topics of study include plate tectonics, the rock cycle, Earth
history, the oceans, the atmosphere, weather and climate, and the solar system and
universe. Students taking this course will take an end-of-course SOL test in Earth
Science. Students must pass both the course and SOL test to earn a verified credit.

Mr. Neuman
Mrs. Sangston